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March 18, 2018

February 11, 2018
February 18, 2018
February 25, 2018
March 4, 2018
March 11, 2018

Custom made hand rail to the right of the sanctuary,

and to the left of the sanctuary (designed and made by Schutte Woodworking Shop, Erie, PA) given in memory of  Joseph Konkol by his family and friends.

The Pieta statue,

the Death of Saint Joseph statue, both refinished in the memory of Frank and Elizabeth (Betty) Romecki provided by Raymond Przybyszewski.  The work was done Michael DeSanctis, PhD, of Gannon University.

New bases for statues:

Craftsmen prepare to move the Pieta Statue.

New base for the Pieta statue.

Repositioned Pieta statue.

Mr. Edwin Dombrowski admires the new base for the statue portraying the Death of St. Joseph.  Edwin had the bases built in memory of his sisters, Stella Dombrowski and Louise Dombrowski McLaughlin.  The bases also were designed and made by Schutte Woodworking Shop, Erie, PA. 

Current Parish News:



In a blink of the eye, the solemn season of LENT  will be upon us.  ASH WEDNESDAY will be February 14 of this year.  Again this year, we will have available a daily spiritual reading booklet, THE PATH TO PEACE.  Each day of Lent will have a short reflection and prayer.  Many people find the booklet very useful as a Lenten guide.  The books are available in the Church vestibule.  St. Stan's and our partnered parish of Holy Trinity will co-sponsor a series of four SIMPLE SUPPERS.  The supper schedule and details can be found on page three of the February 4 bulletin.  Access can be had by clicking on the  February 4  bulletin at  the top left of this page.  In addition,  THE STATIONS OF THE CROSS will  prayed in Church each Wednesday at 2:00 PM  with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament beginning on Wednesday, February 21.   THE SEASON OF LENT can be a truly envigorating opportunity to face our failings and inconsistencies and be renewed in the lifegiving  and lovegiving power of God's redeeming love.  But in order to reach that level - LET US PLAN TO DO SO!!!
LOOK  FORWARD TO HOLY WEEK:  The Holiest Days of the year are fast approaching.  The Partnered Parishes of St. Stanislaus and Holy Trinity will be celebrating these holiest of days together.  This will allow for greater particiation  of all members of both parishes  giving better witness to our Faith in Jesus.   For a complete Holy Week schedule, please click here:   Holy Week 2018 Schedule.   For a  complete explanation as to "why" this is being done,  Please click here:  Holy Week Information.  

  We extend our MOST SINCERE "THANKS"
  to all our faithful dinner customers, and our new customers this season, who patronized our very popular Lenten dinners.  Our first two dinners had an attendance of 600 patrons and our final dinner had an attendance of 640 patrons.  This is a very good average for a dinner that is served for just three hours.  All our faithful volunteers will take a break and will be back to serve you at the next season of Lent.  We wish you a blessed Holy Week and Easter.

"ANNUAL  SPRING  FLING"  The parish Holy Name Society will host their "Annual Val V. Jaskiewicz and Ron Bukoski Spring Fling" on Sunday, April 15 from 1:00 to 5:00 PM in the Parish Hall at 522 East 13 Street.Tickets are always in high demand for this popuar gathering.  Please click here for complete details:  SPRING FLING

THE  ROLE  OF  THE  DEACON:  Our Permanent  Deacon, Rev.  Mr. Bob Walker shares with us thoughts regarding the role of the Deacon in the life of the contedmporary Church.  In order that you may enrich your understanding of that "role", you are encouraged to click on the following link and read the article:  THE ROLE OF THE PERMANENT  DEACON.

FLOWER  FUND:  In order to be able to provide fresh flowers and seasonal decorations or the interior of the church, a "FLOWER  FUND" was established in the parish.  We thank those who, over the years, have contributed towards the fund.   Some have designated a gift as a "memorial"  and others  have made  a "donation"  toward the fund.   For an updated list of memorials and  gifts, please click here: FLOWER  FUND

Parish Recording Available:  The new parish choir recordingA TREASURY OF POLISH MEMORIES, is now available in cassette or CD mode.  For more information, please contact the parish office at 814-452-6606 or by e-mail:

NOW THIS IS EXCITING - PARISH SCRIP PROGRAM!   The parish scrip prgram began in November 2006.  As we begin 2012, the program has raised $21,062.17!  The program is now being STREAMLINED.  We will carry several CASH AND CARRY CARDS  each week.  If you would like to special order other cards, you may do so the last weekend of the month.  The cards would then be ready for pickup the following weekend.   The program involves "gift cards" or "cash cards".  Anyone who has any interest in St. Stan's Parish can help us.  You simply purchase a card from the parish and pay for it with cash or a check.  The card can then be used as you please for the business from which the card was purchased OR give them as  gifts for someone else.  The parish receives back a percentage of the face value of the card - AND THAT IS HOW WE MAKE A PROFIT!  Cards from franchised businesses are good anywhere the business is located.  For a list of the "CASH AND CARRY"  cards we will carry each weekend,  please click here: Scrip List.

31 CLUB:   For more information regarding this prayer program to promote vocations, please click here:  31 Club

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