Saint Stanislaus Parish, Erie, PA

This page outlines some of the groups and organizations of the parish as well as contains important information for anyone planning baptisms, marriages and other special events.

Women's Society:
Charlene Schroek, President   838-2844

The Women's Society is open to any women over 18 years of age.  The Society exists to bring women together so that they can work together, pray together and socialize together.  The Society meets on the second Wednesday of the month (September - December and February - May)

The Holy Name Society:
Christopher Brocious, President  

The Holy Name Society is open to any man over 18 years of age. The Society exists to bring men together so that they can work together, pray together and socialize together.  The Society meets the second Sunday of each month following the 8:AM Mass.

Footsteps for Christ (Parish Care and Concern):
Rosemarie Radomski, Moderator   456-0382

The Parish Care and Concern group is open to any member of the parish who is interested in furthering the mission of the parish.  There are a multitude of sub-committees meeting many needs and interests.

Parish Choir:
Tad Fryczynski, Director and Organist   453-7997              

The choir is open to anyone who is interested in assisting with providing musical accompaniment for liturgy and parish activities.   The choir is very proud of three recordings with are available to the public. To sample and purchase these recordings online please visit this website.

Other Parish Groups and Activities:  

  • RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)
  • Adult Education 
  • Confirmation Preparation
  • Altar Servers
  • Ushers
  • Small Faith Sharing Groups
  • Elizabeth Ministry
  • Church Cleaners

Important information:

Parents and God parents must attend a preperation session. Arrangements can be made by calling the pastor.

Anyone planning a marriage must contact the pastor at least eight months prior to the wedding.

Saint Stanislaus Parish